Access Key

You should have already ...

• Downloaded and installed GolfScoreMaster on your PC or laptop

• Evaluated GolfScoreMaster in the default Read Only Demo Mode

• Note the "UniqueID" from the Startup (or About) screen, eg {1234A-BHG1234-FRFR26545-6761WE3A-B4523}
Some characters can be easily confused like the I and the 1 or 0 (zero) and O (oh), so it is wise to cut and paste it, rather than write it down.

GolfScoreMaster 5

There are 2 different Licences available for GolfScoreMaster 5 - BASIC and PRO. The differences are as follows;

Licence Basis Expires annually Non-expiring
Max No of Scorecards 100 500
Max No of Teams 10 60
Print Web Reports No Yes
Print Handicap Certificates No Yes
Print Handicap List No Yes
Export & Import Year End Data No Yes
Permit negative handicaps No Yes
New "Is a Medal Round" Feature No Yes
New "Two Tier Competition" Feature No Yes
Competition Scoring Options 2 5
Scorecard Matchplay Option No Yes

PRO - A licence that does not expire

Get a PRO licence now

BASIC - A licence that expires after a year

Get a Basic 1 year licence

GolfScoreMaster 3

GolfScoreMaster 3 uses different licencing codes that are not compatible with GolfScoreMaster 5 licence codes
So GolfScoreMaster 3 users need to renew their licences by clicking below

Renew your old GolfScoreMaster 3 licence

Alternatively you can simply upgrade to GolfScoreMaster 5

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